Really, Beach Holidays are best if you want to give yourself a treat of relaxation and peace of mind from your daily routine. Are you the the kind of traveller that is always looking for new adventures? The usual sunbath and walk on the beach annoys you after a couple of days? Then you are at the right place!!!

For us, the beach and the sea mean more than lots of sun umbrellas and sunloungers…we experience it in a different way, with a touch of adventure, according to our philosophie to be eco friendly towards our environment, nature and sea.

The private beach, only for our customers – composed of gravel mixed with sand – is not equipped and to be used with your own sun umbrella and sunloungers.

It is regularly cleaned and supervised by a lifguard. Toilets and showers can be opened with an innovative No touch electric chip.

You can reach our private beach, situated 40 steps from the entrance of the campsite, heading north by crossing a low traffic road, which leads as well to a little touristic harbour. These streches of coast are charachterised by scenic rocks and gravel. The seabed degrades slowly and is all in sand.

The popular “Green Beach”

In the campsite, we have decided to convert what was previously a pitch green area into a common green area with fixed sun umbrellas, in close proximity to both the sea and the swimming pool. The use of sun umbrellas and sunloungers are free of charge. You need only your bath towel.

Furthermore, by bike for about 1.5 km along the seafront from South to North with the new cycle and pedestrian path, or by car, you can easily reach the Lidi in Roseto degli Abruzzi, with  the possibility of a fresh and energetic snack for the lunch time. Three of them have an agreement with Eurcamping.

Don’t forget !! Packing your bags...

for your “little ones” ..
in addition to flip flops and plastic sandals … when you choose to spend your holidays by the sea in a location with a beach characterized by the presence of stones and rocky shore, great with the snorkeling mask, flippers and of course, bathing suits, are the “rubber shoes”. They allow us to walk in the area of ​​the rocks avoiding stings and small injuries and guarantee a minimum anti-slip effect on wet surfaces. Moreovere they can also protec children’s feet even when they walk on hot sand whose temperature often reaches 40 degrees. The thin, elastic material and the snug fit also give the pleasant “bare foot” feeling

for your “him” ..
given the particular shape of the small cliff that overlooks the cosy bay of our beach with a shallow and mixed sand bottom, the place lends itself very well to practicing Rock Fishing in the early morning hours before the arrival of the bathers.
Therefore, remember to prepare long casts fishing rods, reels and lures (the lures used for rock fishing are often the same ones used in lakes and rivers)

for “you”..
hat, sunglasses and sunscreen! You don’t need anything else to be able to practice “Grounding and Barefooting” with us. Simply a series of barefoot exercises.
Direct contact with the ground has the advantage of stimulating the arch muscles asas activating blood circulation and improving the quality of sleep.

It is not us, but science today confirm the benefits of a nice walk without “filters”(shoes). A recent study at the University of California – Irvine, in fact, highlights how healthy it is, on a physical and psychological level, to walk for 30 minutes a day barefoot: it neutralizes the positive charge of free radicals, You get back in tune with the terrestrial energy component and recharges your immune system.
Exercise that allows us to download thoughts and emotions by freeing the “internal memory” of our brain, just like when we empty the trash of our computer.
The whole body, glands and organs are depicted under the plant of the feet; at every step on these soils we do nothing but massage them, gaining significant benefits.

All surfaces are suitable, but they are recommended especially irregular terrain such as stones on the beach, sand on the shoreline or green grass at our outdoor fitness trail.

Take care of yourself and your feet during your holiday with us.